JCM Source Inc. / Global Source USA Inc.

With 25+ years of experience, we are leading suppliers of industrial components and equipment (Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation) around the world; delivered professional and cost-effective procurement services to Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Paper and Food industries. What differentiates us from other Petrochemical and related sourcing companies is our ability to service each client's unique requirements. You can find out more about our company under our Company Profile.

A message to our valued customers:

We have access to most brands other vendors do not carry. See our list of Products and let us help you in finding the right part/equipment to procure your needs. Please Contact Us today for the lowest prices and guaranteed lead-times.

Who we serve:

JCM Source and Global Source are recognized by its customers worldwide as a reliable provider in sourcing machinery parts and equipment, and exceptional service in supply chain management spanning over many industries such as: Petroleum, Electric Power, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Water & Sewage, and the Food Industry.

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